How to Pay for Stem Cell Treatment for MS in Russia

How to Pay for Stem Cell Treatment for MS in Russia

When you are diagnosed with MS, patients will have a range of options of treatment including stem cell treatment for MS. Although there are many treatment options readily available in Australia, these forms of treatment have long term costs along with long term side effects that can make it difficult to find employment and live a happy and healthy life.

For many, stem cell treatment has given MS patients life changing results unlike any other treatment found in Australia. Stem cell treatment for MS offers patients the ability to cure MS with it’s one-off cutting edge treatment. However being a new treatment option and only being offered in Russia, means there are high costs involved.

Cost of Stem Cell Treatment for MS in Russia

Stem cell treatment has high up front costs compared to other treatment options available. The staggering $40,000+ is quite a large amount and often not possible for many of the patients.

This is due to the fact that the stem cell treatment for MS is only available in Russia. In this case, it becomes necessary to raise funds or seek monetary support. In this article, we will look into a few options in order to pay for stem cell treatment in Russia.

How to Pay for Stem Cell Treatment for MS in Russia

1. Online Fundraising

The internet offers a huge platform for all sorts of social interaction including the ability to crowd source or fundraise online. In recent years, online fundraising has played a critical role for many families looking for financial assistance for medical treatment.

For MS patients, it is not only a great way to receive donations towards stem cell treatment but it can also create a support network for you and other MS patients and their caregivers who are also experiencing similar difficulties.

Online fundraising is simple. People set up an account on a fundraising website (this one is free to use) and create a fundraising page detailing your story along with personal and relevant photos. Once created, you simply share your unique URL link to friends and family via social media such as Facebook and wait for donations to come in.

2. Nonprofit Charities, Foundations and Societies

There are also many charities and foundations out there that will sponsor a part or all of your stem cell treatment for MS cost depending on your eligibility and depending on their criteria. The National MS society for example, funds many people in some way or the other depending on the case, and also offers a lot of references to private charities as well as other sources to fund your treatment.

Keep in mind that stem cell therapy for MS is not FDA-approved and therefore there are less government aid programs for it. There are more charitable funds you can find on the FDA-approved DMDs (disease modifying drugs) available in Australia. Another option is to opt for disability benefits offered by the government and save the money for the stem cell treatment.

3. Hospital Programs and Social Workers

Many hospitals may have programs or contacts to fundraising options and this can prove to be helpful. Seeking help from your local social worker for example, can provide you with additional options for financial assistance.

4. Local Fundraising Events

There are many local events such as walks, runs, and marathons that already exist supporting charities and individuals with a medical condition. This may be an option if you contact your local MS charity. A portion of the money raised can help go towards your treatment. Other options could be establishing your own charity to raise funds. This however can be time consuming and requires a lot of paperwork.

Local businesses may sometimes also be open to match donations or to help create a local event for your cause. This is a great way to share your story and seek local support from businesses in your area.

Local businesses will also offer to put up donation jars and hold events for donations. If there is a busy café nearby, offer to host a small performance and set up a fundraising jar. You’d be surprised to see how many people will show goodwill and donate to the cause. Keep in mind that you will often be required to provide some sort of legal document or charity license in order to seek assistance from businesses.

These are just a few options for financial assistance that many MS patients have used in order to pay for their stem cell treatment for MS in Russia.


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