How to get multiple sclerosis financial aid instantly

How to get multiple sclerosis financial aid instantly

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a challenging disease that affects the central nervous system, and one of the most common diseases of the central nervous system with over 23,000 people living with the disease in Australia and more than two million diagnosed worldwide. There is currently no known cure for MS, however there are several treatment options available to help manage symptoms, which is usually taken regularly for many years.

The estimated costs of living with MS can get up to $70,000 dollars per year, per person. The development and nature of this condition affects the ability to work, as well having a large physical and emotional impact on ones’ life. MS also may generate out-of-pocket costs related to medical care, rehabilitation, home and auto modifications and more. Because of its large incidence and progressive development, the need for chronic therapy, medication and hospitalization are highly likely, making it a costly condition to have. Luckily, there are many organisations dedicated to providing services and support to MS patients to find multiple sclerosis financial aid.

Where to look for multiple sclerosis financial aid?

If you are living with MS, there are many organizations and governmental agencies that offer various forms of multiple sclerosis financial aid. These programs general provide discounts, free services or financial contributions to help you with your medical expenses.

The Employment Assistance Fund for example, is a program that helps persons living with MS cover the cost of modification on their workplace that will suit their needs. Another program run by Continence Aids Payment Scheme (CAPS) helps patients cover costs for continence products such as pads, pants, catheters, urine drainage bags or bedding protection products to manage their condition, which may be needed long term and thus putting unreasonable pressure on the household budget.

One of the largest MS Society, National MS Society, offers financial assistance program that can offers guidance and resources to help overcome the financial impact of MS. The program can help patients with services such as short term home care, durable medical equipment and air conditioners, accessibility modifications to homes or automobiles such as ramps and hand controls, transportation to medical appointments, critical short term needs such as emergency help with utilities or rent and health and wellness support.

The downside to accessing these programs is the time it may take to process and start receiving assistance. Typically programs run by non-profit organisations in Australia will require 1-2 weeks minimum to prepare your case for submitting. You will be required to present documentation as evidence of your genuine need for financial assistance and in many cases, require to come into their office for interviews and sessions. Similarly, government programs can take 2 to 4 weeks until you will see any assistance.

Where can I find multiple sclerosis financial aid instantly?

There aren’t many options for instant relief. In most cases, patients with MS in need of financial assistance will require time to process your application. Medical fundraising online however, can be a great alternative to resolve your financial needs immediately.

Medical fundraising is very helpful in gathering finances for costs such as medications, hospital bills and out-of-pocket costs that occur and drain the family budget. This can be a great option for families struggling to pay their household bills and medical expenses. Creating an online fundraiser and launching a support campaign can help tremendously. The process to setup your fundraiser is free and takes no more than 10 to 20 minutes. Once completed, you are able to start raising funds online by sharing your unique URL link of your fundraising page to family and friends.

If done right, medical fundraising can cost nothing but your time and effort and can contribute greatly in paying your medical expenses down. One of the most important things to remember if you decide to run a fundraiser is to choose your platform wisely, set up realistic goals, and provide as many details on the costs and procedures that you need to cover. Photos and videos will also help tell the story for you. Set up a team to help and support you in your online quest and start spreading your pledge page and collecting donations.


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