Increase Australian Online Fundraising by 40 Percent by Using Social Media

Increase Australian Online Fundraising by 40 Percent by Using Social Media

A Conversation

Social media has been the key to increasing fundraising efforts in the United States by 40 percent according to major studies. Although these studies are focused on the Non-Profit sector in the United States, there are still lots that can be learnt and applied for fundraisers on People Pledge. So what can Australians learn from this study and how can it be applied in the Australian market?

First off, it is clear that the trend of Social Media not only impacts our society socially, but it affects the reputation of your donations. Having more likes, retweets or shares can have a substantial impact on encouraging others to donate.

Communication is the key. Sometimes we might feel helpless and feel discouraged to do fundraising because we might not have the right outlet. With social media, it has made talking to others easier than ever. Being able to communicate with your supporters instantly no matter where you are and no matter where your supporters may be means that you have a greater chance of converting them into a donor on your People Pledge fundraising page.

In addition to this, it also one of the fastest, cheapest and easiest ways to get your message out there. Whether you are fundraising for yourself or for a loved one who is need of critical medical attention, social media can help propel your message to Australians that you may not have been able to reach, such as out of state public donations.

photo by: khalid Albaih