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Sarah, Quadriplegic

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please go to the contact page and send us an email.

How PeoplePledge Works

What is PeoplePledge?

PeoplePledge is an online platform that helps Australians to raise funds for medical expenses. Australians can receive love and financial support from friends, family and their networks to help cover medical costs such as treatment, medication and equipment.

Winner of the Pride of Australia award in 2013, PeoplePledge aims to help Australians who require financial asistance in order to receive proper medical care and treatment.

How does online fundraising work?

Our online fundraising system is simple. We allow you to create a pledge page, where you can share your story to friends, family and loved ones online. Unlike other fundraising websites, we’ve removed the stress and complications found in traditional fundraising websites.

We’ve cut the work down into 3 simple steps; sign up to create a pledge page, personalize your pledge page and start sharing to get donations. PeoplePledge provides you with a personal and direct way to reach your networks for donations. We will also send you tips throughout your fundraising period to help you boost your pledge page and get more donations.

How much does PeoplePledge charge to use it?

There are NO costs involved when creating a pledge page. We do not charge a monthly or annual fee to use our website either.

PeoplePledge also DOES NOT charge you a fee for every donation you receive. Therefore, PeoplePlege charges $0 in fees and $0 in commissions.

However, your donors will be charged a very small PayPal fee (typically it is only 2.6% + $0.30 per donation).

This is the transaction fee charged when receiving donations online, and that small fee goes directly to PayPal, not to PeoplePledge.

Similar Australian online fundraising sites charge up to 12% in total to you as well as the Paypal fee.

How are fundraisers on PeoplePledge verified as legitimate? Is there fraud protection?

At PeoplePledge, we aim to ensure that our website is safe for both users and donors. For this reason, we take fraud protection very seriously.

After completing a pledge page, our team will check each pledge page individually before your page is visible on the website. We will do our best to ensure that all details are verified and checked, however we cannot claim full responsibility of the accuracy of each fundraiser and their pledge page.

As PeoplePledge focuses on providing a platform for family and loved ones to donate, we ask that all users and donors keep a watchful eye on the projects. If there is a pledge page that you suspect to be fraudulent, please contact us immediately and we’ll investigate further.

Transactions & Funds

What is Paypal?

PayPal is an online service that allows users to pay, send and accept payments anywhere in the world. Internationally recognized as one of the safest online services, PayPal provides full protection for both the fundraiser and donor. As a supporter, you will be able to donate directly to your loved one in need without enclosing any of your financial information to us. PayPal will securely process your donation and notify us when a transaction has been made. Therefore we will never as for your bank details or other financial information. For more information, please go to or click here.

What if the beneficiary doesn’t have a PayPal account?

Not to worry. It is free and easy to register for a PayPal account. Simply go to the PayPal website and create a personal account within minutes. Your account will then be activated within 3 business days once verification is complete.

Making a donation

Are donations on PeoplePledge tax-deductible?

As PeoplePledge is a for-profit company and the recipient is not from a charity, any donations made are not tax-deductible.

Donations are generally not tax deductible for donors because donations made are given directly to the beneficiary as a personal gift. However, donations may be tax deductible if the lead fundraiser or beneficiary runs a registered a charity.

Please note that this is just general information and not tax advice that is specific to your circumstances and the circumstances of a given pledge page. Please consult your tax accountant for specific advice. You may also check with the lead fundraiser who created the pledge page to ask if they have a registered charity and whether your donation may be tax deductible.

Can donors send checks instead of using a credit card to make a donation?

PayPal allows supporters to donate via a bank transfer, credit card or debit card. If you are an active user of PayPal, you can also use direct funds in your PayPal account as well.

At this moment, we cannot accept any other payments outside of PayPal, such as checks. We hope in the near future, we can accept all types of payments.

How much of the donation amount goes to the beneficiary?

100% of the donation goes directly to the beneficiary. PeoplePledge is free to use.

The total PeoplePledge fee is 0% of total donations raised + the PayPal fee. The PayPal fee is typically 2.6% + 30 cents per transaction or equivalent in AUD. The PayPal fee goes to PayPal, not to PeoplePledge. This PayPal fee is charged to the donor who makes the donation.

For example, if you raised $100.00, then the total PeoplePledge fee is 0% of $100 (which is $0). The donor will be charged $100.00 and the 3% PayPal fee.

If you compare PeoplePledge $0 fees to other websites, similar Australian online fundraising sites charge up to 12% to the beneficiary.

How would a donor know if their donation was successful?

Once a donor has completed a donation, they will be redirected to a confirmation page that will state that ‘Your donation was successful!’. The donor will also receive a PayPal email with an online transaction receipt to your nomination email address when a donation has been made.

PeoplePledge will also send an email confirming the donation made was successful.