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Lisa, Lyme Disease

RAISED $10,542


There are NO costs involved when creating a pledge page. We do not charge a monthly or annual fee to use our website either.

PeoplePledge also DOES NOT charge you a fee for every donation you receive. Therefore, PeoplePlege charges $0 in fees and $0 in commissions.

However, your donors will be charged a very small PayPal fee (typically it is only 2.6% + $0.30 per donation).

This is the transaction fee charged when receiving donations online, and that small fee goes directly to PayPal, not to PeoplePledge.

For example, if one of your pledgers makes a donation to you of $20, then you get to keep the full $20. The donor will be charged only about an extra 60 cents (or about 3%) by PayPal in order to facilitate the transaction via credit card, debit card or PayPal account. That 60 cents goes to PayPal, not to PeoplePledge – and you get to keep the full $20 donation.

your pledger donates
$20 to your fundraiser

about $0.60 (3% fee) is charged
on top of the donation amount
as a transaction fee to paypal.

you receive 100%
of the donation

pledge is charged
the small paypal fee.

Similar Australian online fundraising sites charge up to 6-12% fees in total, and they will charge you (the fundraiser and beneficiary) that compulsory fee, not the donors.

Beware of websites that will charge you (the beneficiary) for the fee, and will force you to pay it!

We believe that because the beneficiary and their family will often be facing both a medical crisis and financial hardship, we don’t want to charge the beneficiary any fees at all. We would rather charge the extra 60 cents (or about 3%) to the donor who has donated $20, and who has the money to afford that extra fee – so that the beneficiary can receive the full $20 donation.

So how does PeoplePledge keep running?

PeoplePledge doesn’t charge any compulsory fees to the beneficiary nor the donor, AND the transaction fee of about 3% goes to PayPal not to PeoplePledge.

But we do have ongoing costs to keep this website and all the pledge pages up and running, and to pay for our dedicated full-time staff members, such as the customer service team, web developers and marketing staff.

We keep PeoplePledge running through grants that we applied for, and the generosity of donors from around the world who make optional donations to us.

We are so thankful to the organisations and donors that have supported us as we endeavor to help struggling families around the world get better access to quality medical care. Thank you!!!