Crowd Funding for Medical Procedures

Crowd Funding for Medical Procedures

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What Is Crowd Funding for medical procedures?

The term crowd funding has been used most recently with a larger number of crowd funding websites emerging both in the United States and now in Australia.

So what does crowd funding mean?

Crowd funding allows individuals to create a project whereby there is a goal to help the project or idea to startup or grow. It is a new way for startup businesses to seek for funding quickly from friends, family and other networks rather than seeking traditional funding from banks or big investors. Many crowd funding websites in fact focus on crowd funding for business ventures, and therefore it is common to see projects for startups, business ideas or projects that seek funding to continue developing their business or products.

However, the idea of using crowd funding for medical procedures and other medical expenses is a new one. This means that families can create a project where their goal is to help pay for a medical procedure or other medical costs related to the health and well-being of a loved one. Currently, there is one leading website that offers this crowd funding service in Australia.

How Can I Crowd Fund for medical procedures in Australia?

You can crowd fund for medical procedures with PeoplePledge, an Australian online crowdfunding website that helps Australians fundraise for medical experiences such as treatment, surgery, carer costs and other medical procedures. PeoplePledge is easy to use and is free to sign up for. PeoplePledge is the only Australian-wide crowd funding website that offers crowd funding for medical procedures and expenses.

There are many other crowd funding websites in Australia, however all of them do not have a core specialization in helping loved ones with an illness or disability, but rather are general in their service. This means, you will have many projects for business or other causes which can be confusing for donors.

The benefit of using PeoplePledge is that it is an Australian website, trusted by many news and media publications, but also by many Australians who have already used the service. Being Australian, also means that you are attended to by an Australian team. Donations are received in Australian dollars, which can sometimes be a common problem when using an international service that does not cater to the Australian market.

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