Fundraising For Multiple Sclerosis

Fundraising For Multiple Sclerosis

HealthWhen a family member or friend falls ill, it is only natural that you want to contribute the best way possible. Fundraising for an Australian with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a common practice for many Australian families. The reason is because the average cost of Multiple Sclerosis in Australia according to MS Australia in 2011, is approximately $40,000 per year. This means, families are paying at least $40,000 to cover treatment, medication and other associated costs.

This cost is very difficult for families who are only earning one stream of income, who have loved ones that are full-time carers or/and for low income earners living in remote areas of Australia.

There are many ways for families to directly fundraise. One effective, safe and easy way is to use PeoplePledge. PeoplePledge is an Australian website that helps Australians fundraise. What is great about this service is that it is an Australian run and founded social enterprise that specifically focuses on medical fundraising.

At PeoplePledge, you can create your very own fundraising page, otherwise known as Pledge Page, to help you raise funds online. PeoplePledge focuses on leveraging the contacts and networks of people you know to donate through social media, email and word of mouth. It is more effective than traditional forms of fundraising and the great benefit of using such a service is that you are able to receive the funds directly. This is appealing for donors and supporters who want to know where the money is going to.

This is a great way for families who are struggling financially due to the impact of Multiple Sclerosis. To learn more go to

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