New Year Resolutions For Parents With Sick Kids

New Year Resolutions For Parents With Sick Kids


Being a parent is one of the most rewarding and difficult responsibilities a person will ever experience in life.

For parents with sick kids, it can be a devastating start to the new year. Here are some new year resolutions that can give parents a fresh new look on life and really channel the true meaning of life for the new year!

1. Live With No Regrets

Making decisions day in and day out for your family and for your children can be tough. It’s also a tough experience if you have ever felt a sense of regret with any of the choices or actions you’ve made in the past year.

2014 should be a fresh start for you and your family. It means, keeping the communication between all members of the household open, through the good and the bad. Living with no regrets also means taking opportunities when they come. If you sick child requires early development schooling or medical equipment such as a wheelchair, being able to provide these resources and support is a huge priority for the new year.

If you are not financially stable or require more funds, it can also be a great time to start brain storming on ways to help your family and sick kids. This could be creating an online fundraiser to get support from family and friends around you. For example, instead of having a birthday party with regular gifts, create a fundraiser online and ask loved ones to donate instead.

2. Create New Moments That Last A Lifetime

There are also activities that everyone would want to do before they die. For the new year, it is a good opportunity to create new memorable moments with family and friends to really appreciate the time you have with your sick kids.

This could be setting up family days every week, having reading time before bed or baking in the kitchen just for fun. Some of the best memories and moments you will have with your kids can be simple and inexpensive.

3. Set Goals With Your Kids

Taking this time to learn and grow with your children is one of the most rewarding experiences. Setting goals for the new year can help you and your family look forward to great moments in the near future. It can also give a boost to your kids in hospital both physically and mentally.

Setting goals can also give you an opportunity to learn more about your kids’ interests, hobbies and goals. There may be a few things that they would love to do and achieve by the end of the year, and it is important to provide an opportunity to ask them what these goals may be.

4. Better Health For The Whole Family, Not Just For Sick Kids

For many parents, when a child falls ill, it can be a shock to the whole family. This can mean, many stressful nights in hospital, skipping meals, rushing to the children’s hospital or staying up late taking care of the whole family.

Take this time to make sure that each day of the new year, you take care of yourself. Whether it’s being able to go for a run, or providing healthy easy meals for the whole family to enjoy, this resolution is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle not only for your kids who are sick, but for each member of the family.

photo by: CMRF_Crumlin