3 Christmas Ideas To Help Boost Your Online Fundraiser

3 Christmas Ideas To Help Boost Your Online Fundraiser

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Christmas is a festive season and at the PeoplePledge office, we are super excited for Christmas and what’s to come in 2014!

If you are a running a fundraiser and need some ideas to help during this festive season, we’ve got you covered! Here are 3 ideas to help boost your Pledge Page or crowdfunding medical fundraiser.

1) Christmas Event

Christmas Dinner

A simple idea is to have a Christmas dinner or lunch. Set a date, organise catering or home cooked food. It is up to you what you would at your Christmas event and the possibilities are unlimited. Then create flyers or invitations to invite your family, friends and your community to come along. You can sell tickets for the event and even have a raffle on the day with a Christmas hamper.

Having a Christmas fundraiser or event offline can work well with your online fundraising page. Often individuals might not be able to come but would love still support your fundraiser. By placing your Pledge Page URL link on the invite and flyers, you will be able to reach individuals who still want to support and donate but cannot attend the event. This way you get more donations and have a successful event.

2)Christmas Cards

a card

Sending Christmas cards has often been a great way to send your love and festive greetings to family and friends anywhere in the world. Hand-written and personalised Christmas card can be very profound and meaningful for the receiver. It is a great way to stay connected to family and friends who you have not seen in months!

In your Christmas card, you can mention that you have a fundraiser and provide the Pledge Page URL link. More often than not, you’ll find that your loved ones will be more inclined to make a pledge or donation to help you.

3) Christmas Wish List

Commando Santa visits the Hurlburt Field library [Image 3 of 4]

Sharing a top 5 Christmas wish list on your social media networks such as Facebook can also help draw in more donations.

For example, ‘Sally needs a new wheelchair’, or ‘Help the Ross family pay for Cancer treatment’. You can be creative in how you tell your friends and family that this year for Christmas, you would rather have people donating on your fundraising page rather than gifts that may not be as useful.

Simply create a wish list that contains items or activities that will be met through the fundraiser, and ask for individuals to make a donation for these Christmas wishes to come true!